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We are Karaoke Nite

2020 has been a hell of a year already for our planet home; we were dealt a devastating one-two combo from a global pandemic and an unforgettable incident that resulted in mourning and unrest around all corners of the world.

It was during this time when we set out to build something that will connect old friends and new, family from afar, and bring a little laughter and joy back to everyone's homes.

Welcome to Karaoke Nite and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did building it.

The Team

And our friend @haydenlee37 for all the debugging help! 🔎

Beta v0.1

This is currently a Beta version of the app. We have a ton of features and goodies coming soon so stay tuned. In the meantime, please help us make this better by answering this quick feedback survey!

Karaoke Nite is also open-sourced. If you are a programmer, designer, 3d modeler, or game artist, you can find the project on our GitHub.

You can also support us through Patreon!

Record Labels & Artists

If you are a independent record label or band/artist that's interested in having your music videos or lyric videos be featured in the app, please let us know via email!


The Beta was soft launched on 8/11/2020 with 50 karaoke soundtracks featured in the app. All soundtracks have been lawfully purchased (proof of purchase can be requested). If people enjoy the app and want to see it continue to grow, we will work with a copyright lawyer to purchase more licenses and add music videos to our collection.

"Karaoke is probably the only correct use case for VR." Jenn Schiffer, Glitch